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Fairies have a great affinity with earth. They live in the meadows and woods, and are powerful elemental spirits of nature. They are inhabited by Fay, who can be summoned by magical rites. It is believed that fairies are descendants of the hidden children of the biblical Eve, and by others that they are fallen angels.

Throughout the Celtic folklore, it is believed that fairies are tricky folk to be involved with. They might steal your baby and replace it with a changeling, or they might fall in love with you and take you in their realm where you can live a life full of enchantment.

Nevertheless, fairies are one part of the complex fabric of spiritual reality, and in our times we perceive fairies as enchanting creatures with magic drawn from the power of glamour. They can be seen on the Midsummer’s Eve, together with nature spirits that keep themselves hidden from humans.

Inca Pilgrim have a range of mid-summer magic inspired fairy jewellery; necklaces, bracelets, earrings and charms, that evoke thoughts of fairies, fireflies and figments of the imagination. These pieces will make any woman feel special.
All jewellery is presented is a gorgeous organza gift pouch which can be used again. Some of the earrings in the fairy collection are sterling silver, hallmarked 925 and all Inca Pilgrim jewellery is nickel and lead free.

Black Fairy Charm Necklace

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