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Fairies have a great affinity with earth. They live in the meadows and woods, and are powerful elemental spirits of nature. They are inhabited by Fay, who can be summoned by magical rites. It is believed that fairies are descendants of the hidden children of the biblical Eve, and by others that they are fallen angels.

Throughout the Celtic folklore, it is believed that fairies are tricky folk to be involved with. They might steal your baby and replace it with a changeling, or they might fall in love with you and take you in their realm where you can live a life full of enchantment.

Nevertheless, fairies are one part of the complex fabric of spiritual reality, and in our times we perceive fairies as enchanting creatures with magic drawn from the power of glamour. They can be seen on the Midsummer’s Eve, together with nature spirits that keep themselves hidden from humans.

Inca Pilgrim have a range of mid-summer magic inspired fairy jewellery; necklaces, bracelets, earrings and charms, that evoke thoughts of fairies, fireflies and figments of the imagination. These pieces will make any woman feel special.
All jewellery is presented is a gorgeous organza gift pouch which can be used again. Some of the earrings in the fairy collection are sterling silver, hallmarked 925 and all Inca Pilgrim jewellery is nickel and lead free.

Black Fairy Charm Necklace
Inspired by the fast approaching summer, Turquoise is the colour that inspires thoughts of tropical Island holidays and walks along warm evening sands...not to mention drinking cocktails and fuzzy floaty feelings that ensue. Yup, think that pretty much captured it! But there can't be a better visual combination than turquoise on sun-tanned skin...it was meant to be.

This gorgeous necklace epitomises all of the above, with just enough bohemian ethnicity to make a statement. Beautiful turquoise magnesite teamed with devilish scarlet scream 'look at me'. Magnesite gemstone has a smooth and very tactile finish with naturally occurring marks. The large Heart measures 2.5cm and the hearts on either side measure 1.6cm. Antique silver toned beads finish this piece off perfectly!

Emerald silver foil glass heart earrings Sterling silver
Gorgeous new sterling silver earrings have been added to Inca Pilgrim’s collection. Simple 12mm silver foil glass hearts on sterling silver pins & hooks. They come in a variety of colours, so will add instant glamour to any outfit. We have sterling silver crystal butterflies, hematite hearts, and also for a bit of fun, our sterling silver strawberries; cute strawberry lampwork beads on sterling silver pins & hooks. Inca Pilgrim has a wide selection of earrings so why not have a look and find your favourite pair.

Ali xx

Sterling silver strawberry earrings
Funky silver toned charm bracelet
Inca Pilgrim has just created some delightful jewellery for the new collection.
With a flare for modern funk with a hint of 60's dreams, Inca Pilgrim is a beautiful collection of desirable timeless pieces that will never pass unnoticed! A possible motto for all women to be inspired by.

Turquoise & copper heart bracelet

Stunning bracelets with real gemstone,
beautiful necklace bracelet & earring sets,
and loads more.
Have a look and let your heart be your guide!

Valentine’s Day is coming, and being prepared
will get you major brownie points. If that special
person is worth something special, then last minute
impulse buys or bunch of supermarket carnations
won’t achieve the sentiment!

True romance is priceless, but that doesn’t automatically mean the perfect gift should be too.
Chocolates & flowers are all very well but not exactly long-lasting or particularly kind when you jump on the scales. So what’s the alternative? Something equally satisfying to the romantic soul…a carefully chosen piece of jewellery. Lasts way longer than the two typical aforementioned indulgences.

A few pointers that just might help:

  1. Research her style…get to know what she likes, and specifically what she doesn’t
  2. Most women have a good idea of what current prices are, so don’t be miserable
  3. Try to establish the kind of jewellery she prefers ie. styles, colours, designers, pieces etc.
  4. If all else fails, a beautiful heart pendant necklace in her favourite colour should fit the bill.

Inca Pilgrim features a wide variety of heart shaped jewellery: Heart Necklaces, Heart Bracelets, Heart Earrings & Heart Charms. For gift ideas you can see our Valentine’s Day Gifts and our complete collection.

A bottle of bubbly wouldn’t do any harm either!

Happy Valentine’s Day