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Well, it was definitely that 'time of the month again'. All the fun of the fair...Ayrshire Arts & Crafts Fair to be literal. You know, slow mornings seem to have a way of setting you up for a surprisingly good afternoon, for me anyway. You can sit there watching minutes like they're strawberry plants...except there's nothing to eat at the end.  Craft fairs have a habit of being very unpredictable, so Saturday was a very pleasant surprise, so much so, I bought a sticky toffee pudding from Yummy Things!

Mairi with knitting needles in hand
Anyhow, fast becoming my biggest fan...in the jewellery stakes mind you, Mairi  got a bit excited at my latest creations. So on Saturday, rather than indulging in one piece, she couldn't stop herself taking the whole bloomin lot!

Mairi's stuff & me in the background!
Mairi could knit for Britain. You name it, and she can do it...cupcakes, tea cosies, animals, bugs, flowers and one of my favourites...which I think could possibly be her trademark...Daleks! So if you'd like to have a peek at what this is all about, nip into the Ayrshire Arts & Crafts fair, it's on every month with loads of unique handcrafted ideas, and it's completely free.

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