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Intense red silver foil glass heart charm
Got your own chain? Perfect! You can fit your own charm or pendant to it, and create your own necklace or bracelet. We all know how expensive and a touch over-priced some of the big brand named charms like Pandora, Biaggi, Troll etc. can be, well Inca Pilgrim has designed some very cost-effective and original charms for you to add to your existing jewellery, or to create a piece from scratch, or even change to suit your mood. In keeping with Inca Pilgrim's unique style, there are  Angels, Butterflies, Fairies, Hearts & Flowers. The charms will fit any 3mm chain , and just slide on (check chain fitting first as some may have a larger fastening connector). You can also request a specific style or colour, just email the details and we'll let you know how long.

Inspired by the fast approaching summer, Turquoise is the colour that inspires thoughts of tropical Island holidays and walks along warm evening sands...not to mention drinking cocktails and fuzzy floaty feelings that ensue. Yup, think that pretty much captured it! But there can't be a better visual combination than turquoise on sun-tanned skin...it was meant to be.

This gorgeous necklace epitomises all of the above, with just enough bohemian ethnicity to make a statement. Beautiful turquoise magnesite teamed with devilish scarlet scream 'look at me'. Magnesite gemstone has a smooth and very tactile finish with naturally occurring marks. The large Heart measures 2.5cm and the hearts on either side measure 1.6cm. Antique silver toned beads finish this piece off perfectly!

Beautiful Arran. From my sisters window
My name is Alison and I'm the designer behind Inca Pilgrim. I'm based in Troon home of Golf (Gowf) on the south west coast of Scotland which to me has one of the most beautifully picturesque coastlines in the UK.  Inca Pilgrim has been going since 2009 and has generated a lot of interest locally as well as further afield. I grew up surrounded by arts & crafts; Mum loved painting & improvising, Dad  made acoustic guitars and model aeroplanes, my brother built just about anything...and still does, and as a child I would spend hours rummaging through my Gran's bead and button tin (my Aladdin’s cave) for any little trinket I could use to make a necklace or a bracelet. I went onto selling my creations at school. Eventually, at the start of 2009 requests were thick and fast, so I dusted off my pliers and here I am enjoying again what I did for fun, now in the big world! Ali x

Emerald silver foil glass heart earrings Sterling silver
Gorgeous new sterling silver earrings have been added to Inca Pilgrim’s collection. Simple 12mm silver foil glass hearts on sterling silver pins & hooks. They come in a variety of colours, so will add instant glamour to any outfit. We have sterling silver crystal butterflies, hematite hearts, and also for a bit of fun, our sterling silver strawberries; cute strawberry lampwork beads on sterling silver pins & hooks. Inca Pilgrim has a wide selection of earrings so why not have a look and find your favourite pair.

Ali xx

Sterling silver strawberry earrings
Funky silver toned charm bracelet
Inca Pilgrim has just created some delightful jewellery for the new collection.
With a flare for modern funk with a hint of 60's dreams, Inca Pilgrim is a beautiful collection of desirable timeless pieces that will never pass unnoticed! A possible motto for all women to be inspired by.

Turquoise & copper heart bracelet

Stunning bracelets with real gemstone,
beautiful necklace bracelet & earring sets,
and loads more.
Have a look and let your heart be your guide!

Just found: How cool is this tool! http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/app#foo

Remember when you had the cut-out girl with the cut-out clothes at the back of your pre-teen mag? Well, this is the grown up version…minus the cut-out girl! You get to create any outfit that grabs your imagination. It’s got clothes, shoes, jewellery, accessories etc. It’s also got backgrounds, and…wait for it, you can even add music. How cool is that?

Why not have a mess around, see what you come up with and email your ensemble to us. The top 5 get featured in the blog.

Here’s one I made earlier