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Valentine’s Day is coming, and being prepared
will get you major brownie points. If that special
person is worth something special, then last minute
impulse buys or bunch of supermarket carnations
won’t achieve the sentiment!

True romance is priceless, but that doesn’t automatically mean the perfect gift should be too.
Chocolates & flowers are all very well but not exactly long-lasting or particularly kind when you jump on the scales. So what’s the alternative? Something equally satisfying to the romantic soul…a carefully chosen piece of jewellery. Lasts way longer than the two typical aforementioned indulgences.

A few pointers that just might help:

  1. Research her style…get to know what she likes, and specifically what she doesn’t
  2. Most women have a good idea of what current prices are, so don’t be miserable
  3. Try to establish the kind of jewellery she prefers ie. styles, colours, designers, pieces etc.
  4. If all else fails, a beautiful heart pendant necklace in her favourite colour should fit the bill.

Inca Pilgrim features a wide variety of heart shaped jewellery: Heart Necklaces, Heart Bracelets, Heart Earrings & Heart Charms. For gift ideas you can see our Valentine’s Day Gifts and our complete collection.

A bottle of bubbly wouldn’t do any harm either!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Inca Pilgrim is very much a labour of love, hence I have everything to do with finding the materials, making the designs to taking the pictures and building the website. hopefully you will enjoy your shopping or browsing experience. You will find lot's of things to appease an indulgent imagination...from celestial inspired bracelets to hippy enthused bag charms. I am an independent designer and seller of all things unique, bohemian etc...in the jewellery sense that is! I will be adding to the site as often as I can. so check regularly as change can be good, but not if it's missed. Remember that if you don't see what you're looking for, just ask. 99% of the time it's not a problem (check the delivery  and Info page for more details). Many thanks to all my past, present and future customers for all your support and interest in something a bit different.